Writing Sample – Robbery

Jim was tired of stealing ATM’s from rural gas stations. For the first 3 years, it was so easy. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) were spread thinly across the province. None of these little towns had their own police forces.

Deep in oil country, a non-descript white RAM 1500 with a winch was as common as breathing. The land was muskeg- like a bog and people got stuck all the time. Oil workers, ranchers, industry support businesses- everyone drove one. He had a little polarized plate cover and camera’s couldn’t real the licence plate.

Sometimes he and his brother could hit the same ATM as soon as the gas station replaced it. These little business owners only kept $2000 or so at a time in them, but it was a nice easy score.

But then, someone got smart. They started inventing attachments that took half the building with the ATM and sometimes the winch even broke. It got annoying. Jim was looking for a new score. Then something fell in his lap.

“Canadian Royal Bank, just bought that old Imperial Bank Building. They are converting it back from being an apartment building to a bank. The vault is still there, they had just been using it as a cleaning supply storage room,” his cousin, Bill Cardinal, told him on the phone. Bill, a real estate agent the next province over, was excited about a sale he just made.

Jim quickly got online and downloaded the sale photos to study the interior of the building. It was an old building from 1922, retrofitted so many times for different uses, the community has lost count. A tuberculosis treatment clinic, a bank, a Veteran’s old home, an apartment building were some of the things the building had been converted to.

It had a brick exterior and Jim quickly deduced that a front bricked up window was the vault from the real estate photos. Unfortunately there were concrete barriers outside that would keep him from smashing into the building in his ATM smash and tow style. But in the photos he found a useful interior photo of the vault showing that it had an ordinary drywall ceiling.

A plan began to form. He needed an insider that could confirm the layout and security measures once the bank opened. Were they going to leave the second floor as apartments or was the bank going to use them for offices. He needed a way to access that room right above the vault. But this was doable, definitely doable and a bigger score than the ATMs for sure.