Writing Sample- Detective

Every Sunday night, he came into DaDeO’s and ordered Cajun Shrimp Scampi and coffee. Sometimes he would order it extra spicy and she knew those were the times he was extra troubled by something he was working on. Mary never pried into what he was doing, they had never had much conversation, just enough to know he was a detective and she was a waitress and they both worked the night shift. As she poured his coffee, he was thumbing through pictures on his phone: A rope, a candlestick, a wrench slid by in her peripheral vision.

“A real life game of Clue?” she asked, breaking the silent agreement they had not to really talk.


Two large trash bags in tow, Mary went to open the back door of the restaurant. Something or rather someone was blocking it.

“Another drunk,” she thought. She set down her bags and pushed hard against the door. The body of a man slid leaving a blood trail. In a dim light she saw a long metal pipe laying next to the man. She ran back through the kitchen into the dining area.

“Detective!” she called, “I need you to come see this!”


Copycats were the worst. Two weeks had past since he had “solved” the Clue murders. A man was in custody. At least he hoped this was a copycat. He was sure they had the right man. But again, random murders were happening in dark alleys and parks in the city. Just like the Clue murders, a simple object was left at each scene. This time not objects from a seventy-something years old board game, but ordinary objects of the modern variety.