Game Character Profile

Sherri Walker is a part-time deputy for the County Sheriff Department and their only investigator. She has recently transferred here from Birmingham where she shot a suspect that had killed her partner.

People listen to Sherri. She has a way of commanding the situation; a skill she had to develop as a black female officer while she worked her way up from street cop to detective.  While this rural position was meant to be a kind of punishment, Sherri does her job in a professional no-nonsense way, no matter the racism or sexism she may face.

Sherri was the first on the scene and the investigator when Ron found the Campground Owner’s body. She had an unsure feeling about the death, despite no evidence of foul play, and the old man having a bad heart.


Game notes: 

Sherri is the Curator or the Master of Ceremonies. She is a non-player character that guides the play along using the campground intercom system as needed. 

The players bring her clues and she determines if the clues are relevant or not. If they are, she announces this over the intercom and displays the clue in the Office. When a body is discovered by a player, Sherri also announces who found the body, who died and their method of death.